I’m gonna write this post in english so my classmates can read it if they want to, so here it comes! For about two weeks ago Lovisa put together a crayfish party for our entire class.
Bruno, who’s from Brazil, was so funny when we drank snaps *schnaaps*, every time it was time for a new toast he was super confused and yelled stuff like “What? Again? Already? wft!?”
The house was placed right by the water, it was so beautiful there!
Claudia, she has like the best hair ever on this picture!
We started the evening by playing some games but moved on to the crayfish eating pretty quickly.
Maureen, so cute!
This is my danish and hilarious friend Rikke, we speak zero danish/swedish to each other because my danish sucks and so does her swedish haha.
Andrey asked me to take pictures of him constantly, he’s also from Brazil and wanted proof of eating crayfish.
Lovisa the hostess, so nice of her to have us all there! Had the best time, it was so much fun to introduce a swedish tradition to all the internationals, loved their faces and comments to it all!

Hope it was ok to have this post in english you guys, and for you english pros, sorry for my bad grammar and spelling errors!

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  1. lovisa says:

    ser prima ut ju! hur funkar det att studera på engelska, tycker du?

    • Un vélo says:

      Det fungerar bara bra, lite knepigt i början (var helt förvirrad om kvällarna och pratade svengelska) men nu har jag hunnit bli lite mer van!

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